Rev Jim Martin, a close friend and colleague of William Barclay, selects six volumes which carry the author’s message into the 21st century.

God’s Young Church
William Barclay here describes in his typically clear, down-to-earth language how the Christian Church got going in its crusade of world evangelism and how it dealt with the challenges it encountered. In so doing he includes illuminating pen pictures of some of those individuals intimately involved in those early days and connects the story to challenges confronting the Christian Church today.

Crucified and Crowned
This book goes to the very heart of the Christian faith as it deals historically and theologically with the last days of Jesus on earth. It examines with honesty and clarity the historical facts that are the foundation of the Gospel – the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus. Its intention, as Barclay expresses it, is not to stimulate its readers to argue but to enable them to see a little more of the love of God in Jesus.

The Plain Man Looks at the Beatitudes
Starting from his stated premise that the Beatitudes take us to the very core of the Christian way of life, Barclay elucidates each of them in his characteristically ‘plain man’s’ language. In doing so he may well present a reader with a clarity of understanding of this beatitude or of that which will take his breath away.

The Making of the Bible
In his preface to this book, William Barclay tells that the more he came to know the Bible, the greater the Bible became to him and for him. He goes on to express his hope that reading his account of how the Bible came into being will confirm to the reader that it is truly the Word of God to all people. This story of the making of the Bible is the fruit of extensive research but easy to understand.

And Jesus Said
All of Jesus’ parables are dealt with here in the inimitable Barclay style and each exposition is based on detailed knowledge of the conditions and circumstances of life in the Holy Land in the time of Jesus. The understanding of the parables is greatly enhanced by the detail Barclay supplies.

And He Had Compassion
William Barclay is at pains to emphasise in his preface to this book on the miracles of Jesus that his purpose in writing it is not to explain them away but to bring out their nature and meaning. He says: “I send out this book with the hope that through it men and women may find that Jesus is still mighty to heal and to save.” Its purpose is indeed to help the reader become aware of the power of the Risen Christ in action in the present as well as in the past.

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